A whole roasted duck doesn't have to be fussy. With just a few hours' roasting and hardly any work at all, you can have a juicy bird with crisp skin—the best of both textures

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are tasty little morsels packed with flavour, they are so tasty and juicy. They can be fried, baked, barbecued, crumbed coated or marinated.

Roast Chicken

​There is nothing better than a properly cooked and delicious roast chicken. Roast chicken with vegetables makes a beautifully succulent dinner.

Boneless Chicken Roast

A boneless chicken roast is simply a chicken roast that has had the bone removed. This makes slicing the roast so much easier. You can also stuff the middle of the roast with your favourite stuffing for a little extra flavour.

Chicken Breast

Chicken breasts are very versatile. They have very little fat and are perfect to cut up for stir fries, marinate and grill, pan fry or oven roasted, filled with your favourite fillings.

Chicken Thigh Fillet

​Chicken thighs are the more moist and dark meat of chicken. They are perfect in curries, stews and casseroles. They are also great marinated and barbecued or in stir fries.

Chicken Thigh Cutlets

Chicken thigh cutlets have the bone still in them. They are great for casseroles or stews and even marinated and oven roasted. They are tender, moist and flavourful.

Chicken Drumsticks

​Chicken drumsticks are great for casseroles, slow cookers and oven baked. You can add so many different flavours to drumsticks and they are so easy to cook.