Lamb Mince

Lamb mince is particularly good for meatballs, burgers and other patties. Or use it in moussaka, shepherd's pie or bolognese.

Lamb Shoulder

​The shoulder of Lamb comes from the forequarter of lamb. It is beautiful to roast/cook slowly.

Boneless Leg Of Lamb

A boneless leg of lamb is the lamb leg which has had the bone removed completely. It can be left butterflied out flat and cooked or it can be rolled and tied.

Lamb Shanks

​Lamb shanks are cut from the fore or hind leg. They are best roasted or slow cooked. Although long, slow cooking is a must, the flavour and unique taste are more than worth it.

Easy Carve Leg Of Lamb

An easy carve leg of lamb is a lamb leg with the bone removed from the chump end leaving just the shank bone. This makes it easier to slice and quicker cooking time.

Rack Of Lamb

​Rack of lamb comes from the front/middle section. A rack can be frenched ( fat and tissue between the bones is removed). It can be grilled or roasted.

Lamb Leg Chops

​Lamb leg chops are cut from the lamb leg. They can be grilled, barbecued or pan fryed. They also are fantastic slow cooked or casseroled.

Leg Of Lamb

Leg of lamb comes from the hindquarter. The meat is tender yet firm and makes a beautiful roast. 

Lamb Cutlets

Lamb cutlets are a delicious cut of meat, both tender and juicy. They are able to be barbecued, grilled or pan fried. They are also nice crumbed.

BBQ Lamb Chop

​BBQ lamb chops are cut from the forequarter. They are great grilled, fryed or barbecued. They are also regularly used for stews and casseroles.

Lamb Chump Chop

​Lamb chump chops are cut from the rump of the lamb at the point where the top of the leg meets the loin. For best results grill or pan fry.

Lamb Loin Chop

​Lamb loin chops are cut from the saddle. They're the most tender chops on the lamb and are usually grilled. They cook best if they are thick.