We have a variety of other smallgoods in store:

  • Honeywurst
  • Cheese and Pepper Wurst
  • Polish Salami
  • Pepperoni Salami
  • Beer Sticks
  • ​Smoked Pork Chops

Boiling Bacon

Boiling bacon is made by taking the collar butt from the pork, curing and netting it and then smoking it.

Beef Jerky

​Beef jerky is lean meat that has been striped thinly, cured and dried to perfection. It is a very popular snack to chew on.


We produce our own Kabana made from pork and beef and mixed with traditional spices, smoked on our premises. It is fantastic cut up and served on a platter with cheese's etc.

Smoked Drumsticks

​Smoked drumsticks are also produced from lilydale chicken. The drumsticks are cured and wood smoked. Drumsticks are a great way to enjoy smoked chicken on a smaller scale, lovely and tender and full of flavour.

Bacon Hocks

Bacon hocks are cured and smoked on premises also and are a must for pea and ham soup. They have a fantastic flavour and are full of meat.


​We cure and wood smoke our bacon on premises. The bacon rashers are sliced a nice thickness to allow maximum flavour when cooked.

Wood Smoked Hams

​Our hams are a premium quality ham made from the finest Australian pork legs. They are traditionally cured and wood smoked on premises. They are a must for Christmas.

Boneless Wood Smoked Hams

​Boneless wood smoked hams are made the same as our bone in hams but the bone is removed and the leg is netted before cooking. This is only for the advantage of easy carving.



Kranski is a continental sausage made from coarse minced pork and traditional spices, smoked and cooked. It has a lovely garlic flavour.

Smoked Chicken

Lilydale chickens are used for our smoke chickens. We cure and smoke them on premises.

They have a lovely smokey flavour and are slow cooked to make the most tender.

Bacon Bones

We also make our own bacon bones. They are very popular to add to pea and ham soup as well. Some people like to use both bones and hocks, adding a little extra flavour from the bones.


All our smallgoods are made and smoked on premises.